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Details of all our supervisory and regulatory bodies and practices.

The TTI Board of Directors and senior management team are at all times accountable and committed to principles of good corporate governance, as reflected in the various codes, procedures, methodologies and committees that TTI has established to monitor and define the company's business management and ethical performance transparently and independently. These principles are at all times consistent with shareholder accountability and are defined in detail in further documents openly accessible in this section.

The biographies, roles and responsibilities of our Executive, Non-executive and Independent Non-executive Directors of the Board. More
Details of the roles, responsibilities and composition of each of our Board Committees. More
The following codes, policies and terms of reference form part of TTI's commitment to the principles of best practice Corporate Governance. More
The Board acknowledges it responsibility for the preparation of the accounts of the Company in line with requirements of the Listing Rules. More
All TTI Corporate Governance-related documents can be accessed through this section. More