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Vice Chairman’s Message

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"Sustainable development is an integral part of TTI’s business and is positively accretive to our business performance and risk mitigation, and we are well-positioned to continuously improve ESG management and achieve our strategic ESG targets.”

Stephan Horst Pudwill

Vice Chairman

TTI's ESG Approach & Strategic Framework

Sustainability is a fundamental component at TTI and is integrated into every facet of our business. Prioritizing our ESG values throughout our strategy and decision-making process has resulted in significant value creation for all our stakeholders through our four strategic drivers.

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ESG Timeline

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    • Launched our battery recycling partnership with Call2Recycle
    • Partnered with Envirostream and GRS Batterien among others in subsequent years
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    • Introduced and filed our first patent in the lithium family
  3. timeline image
    • Global Engagement with Habitat for Humanity
    • Became Global Partners in 2019
  4. timeline image
    • Launched
    • Launched our first eco-packaging initiative
    • Published our first ESG Report, in accordance with the recommended disclosure of HKEX
    • Established our EHS Committee
    • Launched our internal training platform, Learn TTI
    • Established our ESG Working Committee
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    • Aligned our goals and targets with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
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    • Established our ESG Executive Committee
    • Became a member of the Responsible Minerals Initiative (RMI)
    • Published our report with reference to GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards
  7. timeline image
    • Became a Founding Member of Better Mining
    • Became a Community Member of Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)
    • Became a Supporting Member of Responsible Business Alliance (RBA)
    • Established our Group sustainability functions
    • Established our Global D&I Committee
    • Added an independent director to the Board
    • Formalized our decarbonization strategy and announced our target of 60% reduction in Scope 1 and Scope 2 GHG Emissions by 2030
    • Began reporting against the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB)
    • Conducted our climate risk analysis in line with the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosure (TCFD)
    • Added an independent female director to the Board
    • Added a second independent female director to the Board
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    • Committed to setting Science-Based targets


To drive innovation and sustainability, our approach centers around designing and producing tools that prioritize safety, efficiency, power, and environmental consciousness.

Network effect

Improving our planet through safe and sustainable products.

TTI’s distinctive advantage has always been our focus on developing cordless battery powered solutions and our investment in clean technology. Over the years, we have continued to look holistically at our products life cycle to integrate sustainability attributes along our value chain. When creating our product development process, we aim to mitigate product-related injuries, as well as create innovative tools that consider recyclability, repairability, and longevity. We ensure our team conducts extensive testing and evaluation of each product to ensure it meets strict safety standards. Additionally, we have a strong focus on designing tools that are not only innovative, but also considerate of the environment. Our approach simultaneously promotes product safety, while offering low emission and low noise products.

The Network Effect

One of the key elements of our cordless leadership is the value creation from the Network Effect of our battery platforms. The key features of this technology are interchangeability and compatibility, allowing end users to power their ever-expanding range of products and tools using a single battery platform. This has a substantial impact on reducing our carbon footprint by preventing waste and utilizing less materials.

Embedded in our sustainable infrastructure is our clean solution for tools, replacing gas with battery-powered options. This is what makes our products “clean tech.” In the same way replacing a gas-powered vehicle with an electric vehicle reduces the carbon footprint of a consumer, so does replacing a gas-powered tool with a battery-powered one.*

The Network Effect is strengthened every time a new product is added to any of our platforms. Each new product enhances the value of its platform and helps boost productivity for our end-users who are professionals or DIY consumers.

* “Are electric vehicles definitely better for the climate than gas-powered cars?”, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Climate Portal (

USB Lithium

Portable Solutions.
Rechargeable Power.


ONE Plus

The Power To Do More.



Gas Performance.
Cordless Convenience.



Unmatched Power.
Unrivaled Innovation.


Innovation is embedded in TTI’s cultural DNA. Our long-term investment in Research and Development (“R&D”) enables the sustainable growth of our product solutions.
Cordless Leadership
For decades, TTI has been designing energy-efficient and safe products, beginning with cordless battery technology. In subsequent years, we have also developed products with low carbon emissions and reduced noise levels while in use. One of the key areas in which we continue to innovate is the conversion of users from legacy corded and gas powered products and gas-powered equivalents to cordless lithium battery technology. We are a leader in cordless innovation and are constantly striving to improve the performance of our products, as well as enhance safety and minimize environmental impact.
RYOBI is the #1 DIY Tool and #1 Cordless Lawn & Garden Brand worldwide.
MILWAUKEE is the #1 global professional tool brand.
TTI Logo Cordless Leadership
cordless leadership showcase
RYOBI 18V ONE+ History (1996 – NOW)

As the number one DIY Tool brand globally, RYOBI remains at the forefront of innovation. The RYOBI 18V ONE+ Cordless System, with its consistent battery interface dating back to 1996, offers a vast array of cordless products that provide users with unmatched convenience, value, and versatility. This comprehensive line of products has become the go-to platform for both DIYers and professionals alike.

Our RYOBI 18V ONE+ System features over 280 innovative product solutions, giving users the ultimate versatility and selection to get the job done. With cordless lithium technology, RYOBI powers through almost anything. From drilling, cutting, fastening, and cleaning, to lighting, plumbing, trimming, mowing, and clearing, the ONE+ System gives users The Power To Do More.

Best of all, our RYOBI brand has stayed true to its same 18V battery platform giving its users peace of mind as they expand their collections. The newest products and batteries from RYOBI’s 18V ONE+ System are compatible with the same RYOBI tools and batteries from 1996. So no matter our user’s interest or skill level, whether they’re on the jobsite or at home, there’s a ONE+ product for everyone.

One plus milestone

Reducing Noise Pollution

The RYOBI WHISPER SERIES is the industry’s quietest range of products. Engineered with noise reducing technology, these products provide best-in-class performance and remarkable power while operating up to 60% quieter than comparable gas products.

In 2022, we expanded the WHISPER SERIES family by 14 products and will continue to add more solutions in 2023. The RYOBI WHISPER SERIES product line gives users maximum performance with a quieter design.

RYOBI Whisper Family
One Plus icon
One Plus HP icon
40v icon
40vHP icon
RYOBI WHISPER SERIES advantage vs Gas Products: A difference you can hear.

RYOBI HP WHISPER SERIES products are not only the most powerful line of RYOBI tools, but they are also the quietest. These innovative tools are specifically engineered to be quieter than gas and even other battery-operated tools. The RYOBI 40V HP WHISPER SERIES products provide the performance you would see from traditional gas tools, allowing you to maintain your yard with the convenience of cordless without compromise.


Waveform Play Button Waveform Play Button
Waveform Infographic - Whisper Series Waveform Infographic - Gas
high performance lithium technology
brushless motor & advanced electronics
whisper technology

* Compared to model RY404012BTL

Up to
quieter than gas
Noise Rating
57 dB
Air Speed
190 MPH

This 40V HP Brushless WHISPER SERIES Blower delivers incredible power with less noise! Delivering 730 CFM and 190 MPH this blower can tackle wet and dry leaves.

† While in use

Safety Solutions

milwaukee logo
mx fuel safety

Reduced Emissions

Our MILWAUKEE MX FUEL platform not only provides all the power of corded and gaspowered light equipment, but also produces low emissions*. With the reduction of fumes and emissions, this platform is equipped with enhanced safety and sustainability for endusers. Harmful fumes, noise, and vibrations associated with the running of typical light equipment are reduced with this platform. This allows users to work indoors, in trenches, in tunnels, or even in mines without any gas headaches - vastly improving productivity. This system not only saves the end user time with refueling and starting up but also provides a cost savings on gas consumption and engine maintenance.

Fuel Savings

The cost of running battery-powered equipment is more cost efficient than the cost of running gas equipment, the same way an electric vehicle is more cost efficient to run than a gas-powered vehicle.

Maintenance Savings

Between fuel and maintenance, gas-powered equipment typically is more costly. These tools have numerous components that are prone to failure, such as spark plugs, fuel filters, carburetors, air filters, drive belts, and starter cords. Additionally, there are various potential issues surrounding fuel mixing for 2-stroke engines, including the risk of missing the exact ratio and forgetting to add engine oil, all of which can result in significant expenses.

Alternatively, MX FUEL is powered by a POWERSTATE brushless electric motor. The electric motors do not need a lot of maintenance, as they have very few wearable parts compared to a gas engine, there is less risk of improper use and maintenance.


Low emissions, during use, extends beyond environmental benefits. With MX FUEL being low emissions there are no limitations on where to work.


The presence of gas on a jobsite poses significant safety concerns and can consume both time and money, given the special requirements for its storage and transportation. It is never 100% safe to have highly flammable gas on the jobsite.


One of the biggest user frustrations is spending time setting up without cutting or breaking anything. Filling up a gas cut-off saw can be a time-consuming process, especially when compared to the speed and ease of inserting a battery, pressing the start button, pulling the trigger, and getting ready to cut.

* While in use

MX Fuel Family
MX Fuel carry-on
MX Fuel vibratory screed
MX Fuel Rocket
MX Fuel carry-on MX Fuel vibratory screed MX Fuel Rocket

† While in use

Relentless Safety Solutions,
Built for Productivity

We are unwavering in our commitment to deliver Relentless Safety Solutions, Built For Productivity.

MILWAUKEE is a world leader in jobsite solutions and has a long tradition since 1924 of improving safety of users through product innovation. We have dedicated resources to work alongside our users and partners to understand the demands of a constantly changing jobsite and how we can best deliver solutions to be more safe and productive.

Our MILWAUKEE business is committed to providing safe and versatile silica dust management solutions that help address the OSHA regulation on respirable crystalline silica dust (29 CFR 1926.1153). Our dust management solutions are focused on enhancing productivity. From the most universal dust extraction solutions fitting all major brands to a full range of products for floor-to-ceiling dust management, this is compliance made simple.

No Gas, No Fumes and Low Emissions*

Gas equipment is largely present on today’s jobsite, and as a result, tradesmen are twice as likely to develop respiratory diseases due to exposure and inhalation of gas fumes and emissions. We are dedicated to providing users with cordless solutions on our M18 and MX FUEL Systems that eliminate exposures associated with gas equipment. By continuously innovating in cordless technology and expanding our M18 FUEL and MX FUEL solutions, We are on a mission to make gas tools and equipment a thing of the past. Our cordless solutions deliver upon the performance, run-time, and durability demanded by users without the hazards associated with emissions, noise vibrations, and frustrations of gas maintenance.

† “Chart Book (6th edition): Occupational Diseases – Respiratory Diseases in the Construction Industry”, The Center for Construction Research and Training (

* While in use

Milwaukee Products
Milwaukee Products
Milwaukee Products
Jobsite Lighting

MILWAUKEE site lighting is the industry’s first system of high-output LED lights to offer full-day runtime in portable packages. The site lights use the most advanced lighting technology to deliver a consistent beam, optimized color temperature, and true representation of colors and detail leading to a more productive work area. Our jobsite lights shine brighter, last longer and are uniquely designed to adapt, perform, and survive the daily demands of professional use.


Hand-arm vibration syndrome (HAVS) and noise-induced hearing loss continue to affect tradesmen across various jobsites due to repeated exposure. We are committed to delivering user solutions that reduce noise and vibration exposure. Revolutionary solutions such as our M12 FUEL SURGE 1/4” Hex Hydraulic Driver and M18 FUEL SURGE 1/4” Hydraulic Drivers, along with our Anti-Vibration System (AVS), minimize noise and vibration levels during tool operation, reducing the user’s exposure.

Milwaukee Products

In order to combat musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs), MILWAUKEE is committed to ensuring ergonomics is a key aspect of our product design process. Our evidence-based approach to ergonomics delivers solutions like the M18 FORCE LOGIC 6T Pistol Utility Crimper. This crimper provides the easiest way to crimp overhead by reducing peak muscle effort by up to 48% when used at shoulder height or above. Ergonomics is one of the key aspects of our product design, from comfort in the handle of a drill to innovating how drain cleaning professionals transport heavy equipment. Our MX FUEL Sewer Drum Machine with POWERTREDZ simplifies sewer calls by providing POWERTREDZ Lift Assist technology and the power to clear roots at 200 ft out while containing the mess with a fully closed drum. POWERTREDZ Lift Assist technology allows you to perform one-person transportation of the machine up and down stairs as well as in and out of a service van.

Milwaukee Products

Each time power tools and equipment are used on the jobsite, operator error and drops are possible. MILWAUKEE is dedicated to designing power tool and equipment solutions that enhance the safety of users. Our leadership in battery, motor and electronics expands the capability of common power tool and equipment solutions to provide users with features that enhance safety like AUTOSTOP control, which stops a tool when a bind up is detected, and RAPIDSTOP brake, which quickly stops tool operation when a finger is lifted from a trigger.

Milwaukee Products
stay safe icon

Personal Protective Equipment

Our MILWAUKEE brand is dedicated to keeping our users safe and productive on the jobsite. Personal Protective Equipment has seen little innovation over the years, driving users to modify their gear to better meet their needs. We have taken the time to understand our users’ needs and develop PPE from the ground up, delivering head protection that allows users to adapt to each job and safety glasses that can be worn all day with lasting fog-free lenses. MILWAUKEE is focused on creating innovative solutions that won’t slow users down, helping them stay safe and stay productive on the jobsite.

safety family shot
safety family shot
safety item 1
safety item 2
safety item 3
safety item 4
safety item 5
safety item 6

Sustainable Products

Our devotion to creating equipment that prioritizes safety, efficiency, productivity, and environmental sustainability positions us at the forefront of the shift towards cordless battery-powered products.

Industry award Responsible Consumption award
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Promote circular business models by increasing service, repair, maintenance, refurbishment, and recycling services

Increase investment in clean technologies

Develop innovative products that improve living and working environments


Developing an internal Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) process

Increasing recycling efforts

Environmental Management

Our strategy focuses on decarbonization, optimizing energy efficiency, and effectively managing our waste to minimize our impact on the globe and preserve its natural resources.

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Leveraging R&D, supply chain engagement and global partnerships to reduce environmental impact

New Technology and Equipment

Preventing pollution and reducing emissions

Awareness Raising Campaigns

Conserving energy and natural resources

Management Systems

Integrating environmental impact reduction into our operations, product development and across our value chain

Employee Training

Minimizing waste and increasing reuse and recycling


West Bend Factory


Our new, 95,000-square-foot, MILWAUKEE manufacturing plant in West Bend, Wisconsin is a US$55 million state-of-the-art facility located only 20 minutes from our MILWAUKEE North America headquarters.

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Climate Change

Understanding how our business practices impact climate change allows us to develop a decarbonization strategy and execute actions to reduce our carbon footprint.

Clean energy award Sustainable City award Responsible consumption award Climate action award Partnership award

Reduce Scope 1 and 2 GHG emissions by 60% by 2030

Ensure full compliance with climate-related frameworks and regulations

Increase renewable energy use


Reduced absolute Scope 1 and 2 GHG emissions and intensity by 4%

Committed to SBTi to set Science-Based Targets

Continued procuring green energy where possible

Continued mapping Scope 3 categories

How We are Managing It

To effectively address the ever-changing and increasing impact of climate change, it is imperative that we have a strategy to address our carbon emissions. As outlined below, we have undertaken a holistic and comprehensive approach, based on research, science, technology and market realities, to develop our strategy for climate action.

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Resources, Materials & Waste

Responsibly consuming resources and materials while managing waste in our operations is how we maintain our ecosystems and natural capital in our communities.

Clean water award Clean energy award Responsible consumption award Partnership award

Ensure the responsible consumption of resources across our business

Improve waste treatment and efficient waste management

Implement programs for biodiversity protection and restoration

Reduce water consumption


Reducing Water consumption across operations

Partnering with Tree Nation to improve Biodiversity

Material management programs and facility development plans that consider biodiversity impacts

How We are Managing It

Natural ecosystems provide a variety of renewable and non-renewable resources that our business depends on. Reducing our consumption of natural resources, utilizing materials responsibly and ensuring the safe management of waste is how we remain committed to protecting these ecosystems. R&D projects that focus on developing more environmentally friendly practices are given priority within our business for use throughout our operations. We continue to assess cutting-edge technology, equipment and systems to conserve, recover and reuse resources.

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map chart

How We are Managing It

What truly sets TTI apart is our focus on empowering our people to achieve success. Our core values include respect, integrity, innovation, teamwork, and empowerment. By providing our associates with a supportive work environment, ongoing training and development opportunities, and a clear path for career advancement, we have created a culture of empowerment that enables its people to achieve their full potential. As a result, we have been able to attract and retain some of the industry’s top talent and continue to innovate and grow as a company.

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How We are Managing It

At TTI, we place great importance on promoting the physical and mental well-being of our employees while ensuring a safe and healthy work environment. We recognize the significance of mental health and well-being and provide support for our employees in these areas. Our commitment to health, safety, and wellness also extends beyond our employees to the communities in which we operate. We are dedicated to minimizing the environmental impact of our operations and ensuring that our products are safe for consumers. Our focus on health, safety, and wellness reflects our commitment to sustainability and responsibility as a business. We place a high value on the well- being of our employees and the communities in which we operate.

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How We are Managing It

TTI’s commitment to better the world goes beyond just developing environmentally friendly products through responsible manufacturing and fair labor practices. We also actively support and invest in our local communities to promote equality and growth. Our focus is on supporting important causes to us which include developing people, developing communities, and preserving the environment.

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Corporate Governance

We continued to strengthen our governance practices as we have adopted codes and policies that reinforce accountability within our operations and across our supply chain.

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  1. timeline image
  2. timeline image
    • Conflict Minerals Declaration and Due Diligence
    • Data Protection Policy
  3. timeline image
    • Security and Social Responsibility Policy (includes Environmental Management Policies)
    • Harassment and Discrimination Policy
    • Health and Safety Policy



At TTI, we ensure that protecting our customers, employees, and business data meets the highest standards. We have taken the necessary measures to prevent data breaches and enhance our cybersecurity network and digital system.

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Ethics & Integrity

To safeguard our stakeholders and maintain trust in our business we uphold accountability and transparency in all operations while reducing risk throughout our value chain.

Industry award Peace award Partnership award

Zero cases of non-compliance with international and local laws on corruption and anti-trust

Zero cybersecurity breaches or incidents

Maintain business continuity and sustainable growth

Ensure full compliance with data privacy regulations: PIPL for mainland China, GDPR, California Consumer Privacy Act and others


Zero cases of leaks, theft, or loss of customer and personal data

All associates are required to complete the TTI Code of Ethics & Business Conduct (CoC), and all other relevant policy training as part of onboarding

All associates are required to complete our training on intellectual property and cybersecurity

Increased diversification and localization of manufacturing, warehousing and the supply chain across the globe

How We are Managing It

Sound governance requires a commitment to ethical principles, as outlined in TTI’s Code of Ethics and Business Conduct (CoC). The CoC is available and communicated to all employees as a guide for conducting business with integrity. The CoC also aligns with all legal requirements while stipulating how to manage conflicts of interest and overviews the protection of human rights.

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Supply Chain Accountability

Placing great emphasis on the ethical, environmental, and social impact of our products and services throughout our value chain.

Gender equality award Econimic growth award Responsible consumption award Peace award Partnership award

Promote human and labor rights, gender equality, and environmental protection in the supply chain

Expand and enhance partnership opportunities to effect change

Promote climate action


100% of suppliers trained on Business Partner Code of Conduct (BPCoC) and human rights policies

Increase the number of effective engagements with NGOs in major countries of operation and where there is a greater risk of human rights violations within the supply chain

Mapping Scope 3 emissions in the supply chain and building resilience for climate change-related risk

How We are Managing It

Sourcing raw materials and other activities along our supply chain has lasting environmental, social, and economic impacts. We aim to continuously improve accountability, transparency, and sustainability performance in our supply chain to mitigate risk and secure business continuity. This begins with carefully assessing risk from ethical, environmental, and social standpoints, and selecting suppliers that uphold our standards and values.

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