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Reaffirming its position as the Cordless Tools Leader, Techtronic Industries Vietnam and Milwaukee continue to promote business activities in Vietnam

Milwaukee - the flagship brand of Techtronic Industries (TTI) in the field of cordless power tools, has just opened a new showroom and warranty center called the Milwaukee Heavy Duty Center in Ho Chi Minh City. This marks a significant step in TTI's strategy to expand the Milwaukee brand's business footprint, enhance product development, and improve the customer experience for local market.

The leadership team conducted the ribbon-cutting ceremony to inaugurate the Milwaukee Heavy Duty Center showroom and warranty center

Since its establishment in Vietnam in 2018, TTI has expanded its manufacturing,  assembly, sourcing, and supply chain operations across the country. In addition to its manufacturing footprint, TTI has set up its commercial activities in both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, marketing and distributing cordless power equipment under the Milwaukee brand. The new Milwaukee Heavy Duty Center, located at 108 Nguyen Cong Tru, Nguyen Thai Binh Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, has undergone investment and upgrades to provide customers and partners with an exceptional experience of market cutting-edge cordless technology.

This business expansion is a significant milestone for Milwaukee Asia as it meets the increasing demand of customers and expands its product and service network. Thereby, TTI aims to deliver the highest quality products to the Vietnamese market, demonstrating its commitment to making substantial investments in this market.

Continuing history of 100 years heritage and a pioneering spirit in the cordless power tools industry

Milwaukee Tool is headquartered in Brookfield, Wisconsin, USA with research, new product development, manufacturing, manufacturing support, marketing and sales and information systems operations across U.S., Asia and Europe. Milwaukee is recognized as the flagship brand within the TTI group, known for its reputation of Powerful Brand, Innovative Product, and leadership in cordless technology.

Present on the market since 1924 in the United States, Milwaukee has been synonymous with pioneering innovation, offering compact and high-quality hand tools powered by its exclusive battery technology. The brand is trusted in heavy industries such as renovation, repair, maintenance, housing construction, and infrastructure projects.

Since the early days, Milwaukee has been committed to cordless technology as a foundation for sustainable development, focusing on three core technologies: the exclusive FUEL technology for exceptional performance, the REDLINK PLUS chip for stable performance, and the RED LITHIUM battery technology for durable tool operation.

Milwaukee Heavy Duty Center showroom and warranty center has just been opened at 108 Nguyen Cong Tru, Nguyen Thai Binh ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

Penetrating the Vietnamese market since 2019, Milwaukee Tool Vietnam quickly established an extensive distribution network across the country, including major cities such as Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Hai Phong, Da Nang, Binh Duong, and Dong Nai… With the newly opened Milwaukee Heavy Duty Center, the brand aims to enhance the shopping and service experience for customers, ensuring product quality and meeting customer needs. The center not only showcases Milwaukee products but also provides support to dealers and retailers in introducing and advising consumers, offering a comprehensive view of the brand's product range. This milestone reinforces Milwaukee's position as a leading brand in the industry with a long-term vision for the Vietnamese market.

At the event, Mr. David Butts - Group Executive Vice President and President, Asia Pacific of TTI, happily shared: “We take great pride in offering the Number One Professional Industrial Tools with exceptional quality. Our products have gained widespread recognition and are the professional user’s number one choice in various industries throughout Vietnam, including renovation, repair, maintenance, housing, and infrastructure construction… They have consistently delivered outstanding results, showcasing the effectiveness, productivity, and reliability of the cordless technology that we are offering. This achievement is a testament to our unwavering dedication to investing in Vietnam's development. We aspire for all our employees and customers to always take pride in being part of our heritage.”

5 years of sustainable development and long-term commitment in Vietnam

With a steadfast commitment to making significant investments in the Vietnamese market over the past five years, TTI Vietnam has not only played a pivotal role in advancing the cordless tools industry but has also contributed to the growth of the local labor market and the surrounding community.

The TTI-owned brands, including Milwaukee, RYOBI, and Hoover are globally recognized for their heritage value

TTI Vietnam has successfully executed several noteworthy projects in the country, one of which includes the construction of state-of-the-art LEED-certified manufacturing facility in Saigon High-Tech Park (SHTP). Collaborating with esteemed contractors, Milwaukee Tool Vietnam has embarked on an innovative venture, introducing the Milwaukee Heavy Duty Container 3-in-1 Office at construction sites and production areas. This multifunctional office serves not only as a workspace but also as a showroom and service center. Notably, it offers a 24/7 charging station, conveniently catering to users and construction workers who can visit and recharge their hand tools at any time. This initiative aligns with Milwaukee Tool Vietnam's development strategy, aiming to establish a closer connection between the brand and its users, foster strong customer relationships, and reshape consumers' perceptions regarding battery-powered operating tools.

“With developing operation to compliment pipeline of innovative products, TTI is dedicated to technological advancement with talented engineers from Vietnam. This demonstrates the company's dedication to not only producing high-quality products for consumers but also creating a conducive environment and developing the local workforce. We aim to strengthen our cordless leadership, focusing on product innovation, customer service, and business expansion in Vietnam” - Mr. David Butts shared at the event.