Leadership Development Program

Our strong commitment to creating a multicultural, diverse, and inclusive workforce is exemplified by our investment in the development of exceptional people. In 2023, we welcomed 1,338 new associates into our Leadership Development Program (LDP), with 28% of them being female. We provide LDP associates with the necessary tools, resources, and experiences to foster both professional and personal growth, passing down decades of industry knowledge to form the foundation of our innovative workforce.

Our recruitment efforts span over 100 colleges and universities worldwide, and upon graduation, our associates have the opportunity to rotate across various functions, departments, business units, and countries. This rotational strategy equips them with valuable skills and exposure to eventually assume key management roles within our organization.


Over the years, our LDP has evolved into specific functions, including but not limited to:

Sales and Marketing Leadership Program (LDP)

These associates start off in our entry-level sales and marketing positions where they drive sales for our product lines in one of our strategic retailer partners. Field Sales and Marketing Representatives and Event Marketing Specialists are taught the fundamentals and gain a grassroots perspective of our business by selling in-aisle to customers, inspiring creativity through in-store product demonstrations, negotiating additional merchandising space, and fostering relationships with our strategic partners. We put an emphasis on recruiting individuals who are qualified, determined leaders with the right aptitude to learn quickly and apply their knowledge in future positions within the organization.

Finance Leadership Development Program (FLDP)

FLDP associates are developed and trained on soft skills and technical skills through a unique and customized curriculum to prepare for their first rotation into our finance and accounting disciplines. FLDP members experience progressively challenging assignments with opportunities to explore operations finance, internal audit, Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A), commercial finance, and investor relations. This program helps prepare our associates for future high level finance positions across our global facilities.

Engineering Development Program (EDP)

MILWAUKEE EDP is where we prepare engineers for the fast-paced work environment. EDP associates have the opportunity to network with a huge cohort of engineers across the company. They also engage directly with our end users to develop new products or improvements to our existing solutions and have access to an application-based learning environment focused on demonstrating practical skills. Along the way, they have the support of an advisory group of engineering leaders to help coach them through challenges and the corporate training team to guide them through the overall experience. This program helps build the technical and professional skills associates need to succeed.

Operation Development Program (ODP)

Our ODP associates have the opportunity to learn the inner workings and connectedness of not only manufacturing, but also supply chain, quality, and procurement. All four of these areas are essential in ensuring product flow through to end users in a repeatable, transparent, and efficient manner. The ODP at MILWAUKEE is a two-year rotational program that grooms future operations leaders through four rotations in quality, manufacturing, supply chain, and procurement.

Legal Leadership Development Program (LLDP)

The LLDP hires top talent to develop into future leaders in legal, compliance, and intellectual property areas. The program is designed to provide employees with a comprehensive understanding of the legal industry, along with the tools and resources they need to advance their careers and develop their skills. These executives, from various backgrounds, will continue to build a sustainable future for our industry, our customers, and our communities.

Summer Internships

Our internship programs are offered at each of our BUs across the globe. Interns are given the choice to explore sales, management, marketing, finance, product development, or operations on their internship journey. Each program offers hands-on experience while providing guidance to develop our interns’ leadership skills in real-time. Depending on their graduation date, interns may be invited for full-time employment after graduating or invited back to participate in a second-year summer internship.

For more information on our Leadership Development Program, please visit ldp.ttigroup.com.