Vice Chairman Message

2020 challenged the world and its global citizenry perhaps as never before. We are proud that throughout this challenging year, we assiduously maintained our dedication to our people and to their health and safety.

We are equally proud that we strengthened our commitment to be a global leader in environmental sustainability, social responsibility, and ethical corporate governance. While achieving an unprecedented level of growth and success, we intensified our focus on recruiting and retaining a talented and diverse global workforce.

Culture is driven from the top, and every member of our company’s leadership team and our Board of Directors drives TTI to align its core strategic drivers and culture with ESG values. By promoting these commitments and beliefs throughout the organization, we have successfully driven initiatives that deliver positive impacts for our employees, customers, suppliers, investors, other partners, and society. The following are examples of just some of those initiatives:

  • Environment: Even in the face of a global pandemic, we continued to relentlessly invest in talent and R&D to produce revolutionary, environmentally responsible cordless products that will accelerate the world’s conversion away from gas-powered products and other legacy technologies. Our industry-leading products are designed and engineered to reduce emissions, noise, vibration, size, and weight and otherwise improve ergonomics for users. These innovative products include our WHISPER series of leaf blowers which substantially reduce the noise produced in residential and commercial neighborhoods, highly efficient brushless motors, and an expanded platform of cord less cleaning, tool and outdoor products. We take immense pride in receiving Th e Home Depot’s Environmental Partner of the year award and will continue to build on our successes. As a whole, we worked to reduce TTl ‘s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions intensity and as we continue to grow, we are setting environmental targets and incorporating environmental requirements into the design of our new and existing facilities.
  • Social and Community: The health and safety of our employees are our top priority, and our global facilities adhered to government and health agency guide lines and best practices and provided employee training, personal protective equipment, and other support wherever and whenever needed. The recruitment into our Leadership Development Program (LDP) was unmatched in the record number of exceptional people hired who represent the future leadership of TTI. Our diversity and inclusion initiatives help enable us to attract and retain a global workforce who represent diversity in many dimensions.
  • Governance: We have expanded our ESG Executive Committee, comprised of Board members and members of our leadership team across geographic regions and functional Additionally, we renewed our membership to Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) which aims to increase transparency in ESG reporting. We joined the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) as a supporter member to foster human rights, environment protection and overcome potential ethical supply chain challenges.

At TTI, we are and will remain unflaggingly passionate about pursuing our strategic drivers while fulfilling our commitment to a more just, diverse, safe, and environmentally responsible world. I am confident that our exceptional people will continue to meet the challenges and exceed the goals that lay ahead as we continue to lead our industry toward a more sustainable future.