CEO Message

TTI continually strives to be a socially and environmentally responsible global citizen.

TTI designs products and digital solutions that are not only facilitating the lives of our customers but improving their environmental performance and helping the global energetic transition. As an industry leader in battery-powered power tools and power equipment, TTI pioneered the shift from nickel-cadmium batteries to lithium-ion batteries, which are more efficient and have a longer useful life, thus reducing the frequency with which consumers must replace their batteries. Environmentally-conscious innovation is a core part of TTI’s commitment to sustainability, and we plan to continue to solidify our leadership position in the industry as a product innovator, while remaining steadfast to protecting the environment. We believe that we can shape a better future with cordless technology.

We believe we can support this transition and continue to do it while being socially responsible. We are committed to have a supply chain free of human right violation and corruption. And at TTI, we believe our employees are our greatest asset. We promote diversity, training, development and a safe environment for all our employees around the world.

In 2018, TTI aligned its sustainability strategy with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and continued its implementation while aiming at improving efficiency and profitability. We strongly believe that our commitment to sustainability creates value for our shareholders, customers, employees and communities around us.