Conserving Energy and Natural Resources

Energy Consumption

Given the critical, global need to reduce GHG emissions and to mitigate and adapt to the impact of climate change, TTI is committed to consume energy efficiently and to explore and adopt less polluting and renewable sources of energy. 

Reducing absolute energy consumption at a factory level is challenging as our production volumes continue to grow, so we focus on improving efficiency.

Water Management

With growing global concerns over water scarcity, consuming water efficiently and maximizing its beneficial use are increasingly important. Water for all TTI locations is sourced from local municipalities, and we have not experienced any issues with water sourcing.

Environmental Awareness and Action in our Offices

We encourage all members of TTI to adopt a sustainable lifestyle. At our offices, we raise awareness of environmental issues and ensure offices adopt measures that minimize environmental impact. Some of the highlights in 2018: 

  • Installation of LED lighting
  • Purchase of Energy Star rated equipment
  • Use of recycled building materials throughout buildings and for finishes
  • Roof design to maintain high R-values with a reduction of construction cost
  • Introduction of campus bicycles and electrical vehicles 
  • Elimination of plastic water bottles from new buildings and the provision of reusable cups to each employee