Preventing Pollution

Environmental Management 

We adopt industry best practices and constantly look for ways to improve on them by enhancing our environmental and hazardous substance management system1 and endeavoring to produce defect-free products to reduce waste. Our manufacturing sites in Asia have a number of policies and procedures relating to the environment, including energy and greenhouse gas inventory management. We invest in new technology and equipment that improve the environmental performance of our facilities, ensuring that our operations not only adhere to local laws and regulations but also meet the high expectations of our customers. We actively set environmental management objectives and targets to better measure and improve our performance, and invest in raising the awareness and skills of our people.


As an international manufacturing company, TTI recognizes that its operations can have an impact on biodiversity, particularly in the sourcing of raw materials, along the supply chain and at product end of life. Our goal is to reduce TTI’s impact through supply chain engagement and accountability, and responsible battery recycling and circular economy solutions. The TTI Social & Environmental Responsibility (SER) Compliance Program adopts a rigorous process to ensure our suppliers and the sourcing of raw materials minimize environmental impact and comply with all legal requirements.


Our manufacturing process is certified to ISO 9001 and QC 080000 for quality, health, safety, environment and social responsibility management.