Graduate opportunities for the Asian University for Women

Techtronic Industries (TTI) promotes women’s equality and education through internship and mentorship programs with the Asian University for Women

Aug 2, 2021 – Asian University for Women (AUW) mentees and interns have completed programs at TTI, gaining valuable skills for their future careers. These programs help to further the company’s efforts to reduce inequality and promote education for women.

TTI interns receive transportation from Bangladesh-based AUW to accommodation in Hong Kong. The company then pays a HK-based salary for these workers. Mentorships are conducted virtually during Covid-19 conditions.

The AUW, based in Bangladesh, is an accredited university that focuses on educating women from the developing world. TTI partners with the school to provide student scholarships and alumnae of the school with experience to take the next step into the workforce.

“As a legal intern, I was assigned to assist the management of contract process, and in intellectual property rights protection, clearance and enforcement. I was also engaged in agreement filing, data entries, and environmental social and governance (ESG) report review.” TG Gayathi said. “Through the ESG project work, I have gained experience on corporate ESG reporting and it has developed as my area of career interest now.”

TTI mentee, Athulya Purushothaman

TTI Intern, TG Gayathi on a facility visit

A story of success

AUW draws students from 18 countries in Asia and the Middle East, including from marginalized groups such as Rohingya refugees, Bangladeshi textile factory workers, women from high-conflict zones like Afghanistan, Syria and Yemen, and women from tea plantations in India and Sri Lanka.

These students engage in a curriculum that teaches valuable English communication skills, computer science, language & composition, social analysis, arts, natural sciences, mathematics, writing, and topics specifically focused on the regional challenges facing women in Asia.

By supporting the university, TTI is proud to champion the cause of women’s education and help drive AUW’s efforts to create international networks of women leaders and their supporters.

Since 2020, leaders at TTI have served as mentors for professional and career development and we yearly place two AUW students in short-term internships at TTI’s head office in Hong Kong. These women have consistently reported compelling benefits from these programs.

“After graduating from Asian University for Women, I was unsure of my career trajectory as to whether to continue working or to pursue a master’s education. That is when I got introduced to TTI” Athulya Purushothaman said of the experience.

“Under company guidance, I was able to secure a place in one of a prestigious masters’ program along with an Erasmus Mundus scholarship and an internship at TTI as an ESG intern,” she said.

Future collaborations

TTI will be continuing to develop a pilot program, created in 2020, to provide mentoring for young women from AUW with an opportunity to connect, network, and learn from professionals. The program includes monthly sessions for upper level students and alumnae of Asian University for Women and provides assistance in employment, business and career planning.

Going forward, TTI will be expanding our commitment by engaging more TTI employee volunteers to lend their time and talent to serve as mentors.