We understand employees, suppliers and the community around us are integral to TTI’s continuous growth and overall success, we are therefore committed to improving the workplace, human and labor rights, safety and well-being of our employees. To ensure that ESG policies are respected and implemented across our supply chain, we proactively engage with our suppliers. On top of that, we are giving back to the communities in which we live and work by providing resources, time and money to those charities where our efforts are best focused.  

We have set our social goals in line with nine of the seventeen United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

TTI’s Engagements

  • Code of Ethics and Business Conduct that outlines our values and requirements for human and labour rights
  • Policies for equal employment and to protect human and labor rights
  • Policy Against modern Slavery and Human Trafficking for own business and supply chain
  • Conflict Minerals Policy
  • Maintaining a safe and healthy workplace for our employees and treating everyone with respect and dignity
  • Training employees on compliance, education, leadership, professional and skill development
  • Gender equality initiatives
  • Raise awareness and human rights conditions

Our Key Goals

  • Zero incidents of non-compliance with our policies and codes in reporting and remediation when necessary
  • Respectful, healthy and safe workplaces
  • Zero fatal accidents in our workplace
  • Promote diversity in our workplace
  • Continuous training and development
  • Substantive initiatives to raise awareness and improve human rights conditions in our supply chain
  • Effective partnerships with NGOs in major countries of operations and supply chain countries with human rights violation risk
  • Develop impact metrics to track our community investment and engagement activities