Investing in our Communities 

We understand that a healthy business and healthy community go hand in hand. TTI has a longstanding commitment to support the communities in which we live and work by providing resources, time and money to those charities where our efforts are best focused. Some of our business units have in place a formal committee, which is tasked with the selection of organizations that will allow employees to give back to their communities and beyond. Other business units sponsor the same charities year-after-year while still evaluating new sponsorship opportunities as they arise.

Our key goals include:

1. Establish strategic partnerships with NGOs

2. Develop impact metrics to track our community investment and engagement activities

Community Engagement
Nurturing the Next Generation
Environmental Initiatives
Industry Engagement

Engagement with Habitat for Humanity

TTI believes everyone deserves a decent place to live. Habitat for Humanity invites enterprises to step outside their offices to help raise the walls of new homes for many low-income households. In 2018, Milwaukee Tool alone donated more than US$275,000 in products, helping Habitat affiliates build homes, communities and hope for various locations in the US. TTI employees volunteered more than 250 hours in the Habitat Executive Build program, which is a great way to show their support to the local communities where TTI sponsored house building for underprivileged families. Our Canada office engaged with Habitat for Humanity as part of their national volunteer event in Alberta and British Columbia. More than 40 employees across Canada participated in four builds, raising a total of US$11,000 in monetary donations and the same amount worth of tool donations.

Disaster Relief and Rebuilding

Extreme weather struck many parts of the world in 2018. Hong Kong was hit by the worst typhoon in history in October 2018, and many villages were severely damaged. TTI teamed up with Habitat for Humanity on the island of Kat O to assist in the cleanup and to rebuild houses destroyed by the typhoon. TTI was also involved in over 60 other post-disaster relief and clean-up activities, contributing over 2,000 volunteer hours and donating TTI tools worth US$150,000.

Team Angel Wolf

In Europe, TTI is a partner of Team Angel Wolf, which helps promote the inclusion of disabled persons in sport activities and enables disabled and paralyzed children to access the sea. TTI supported Team Angel Wolf by purchasing two specialized floating wheelchairs.

STEM Education

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Education provides students with a cross disciplinary and applied approach to acquire knowledge. TTI understands the future is in creative and innovative education so, in 2018, we supported several STEM programs, FIRST Robotics and Kids Building Wisconsin events for middle school students, STEM Forward and the Society of Women Engineers. We also worked with Elmbrook Highschool on the LAUNCH Innovation Challenge program, providing a US$8,000 donation and engaging in a mentorship program for students.

Social Mobility for Underprivileged Students

We donated over US$10,000 to the Future Stars – Upwardly Mobility Scholarship in Hong Kong, which helps children from less privileged backgrounds gain social mobility. The program selects children from more than 400 schools across Hong Kong, rewarding those who show positivity and resilience in the face of adversity.

Tertiary and Vocational Institutions

TTI actively supported the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, the Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong (THEi) and the Hong Kong Design Institute (HKDI) in creating higher-quality product design and engineering programs. Through tool donation, co-organizing innovation lab projects, and offering industry guidance and input to both student projects and the modernization of design standards and coursework assessments, TTI is helping to improve tertiary design education in Hong Kong. TTI also sponsored the Queensland University of Technology in its Year 2 design project for manufacturing and design workshop competitions and offered overseas study tour opportunities and a lecture series for students in both Queensland University of Technology and the University of Auburn.

In TTI HK, Green Fairs were held twice in the Hong Kong office to support local organic farmers and fair-trade merchants. Proceeds from the fairs were donated to the New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association to provide guidance to individuals with mental health issues on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. TTI HK, along with family members and their children, participated in a Go Green Organic Farm Visit where employees enjoyed a family day out and learnt about the rich biodiversity of Hong Kong.

TTI not only ‘invents’ new products for our own business growth, but we also bear in mind that we ‘co-create’ our products with end-users with the aim of improving the quality of lives globally. TTI engaged in various industrial design forums and participated in a number of trade associations around the world to enhance knowledge sharing with the industry and the general public. We continued to sponsor the Knowledge of Design Week and Business of Design Week in Hong Kong, which provide unique platforms for designers and intellectuals to exchange ideas, innovative design and the latest technology. We were invited to participate in and facilitate the industry forum, From Mass Production to Scale Customization, hosted by the Design Council of Hong Kong. We also joined the Industrial Designers Society of America’s national conference and the Red Dot Museum exhibition to share our innovation and design ideas internationally.