Our People

At TTI, we believe our employees are our greatest asset and the foundation of our business, as reflected in our core strategic focus on Exceptional People. To recruit and retain the best talent, we invest heavily in staff training and development, occupational health and safety management, and provide competitive remuneration and benefits. We believe that respecting diversity and providing equal opportunities in our workplaces around the world is also key to our success.

Our key goals include:

1. Zero incidents of non-compliance with TTI’s policies and codes in reporting and remediation when necessary

2. Respectful, healthy and safe workplaces

3. Zero fatal accidents in our workplace

4. Promote diversity in the workplace

5. Continuous training and development

Employee Demographics

TTI operates in 40 jurisdictions worldwide, employing over 23,279 full-time staff of different backgrounds, skill sets and experience. They bring unique ideas and viewpoints that enrich our company.

Human and Labor Rights

TTI is engaged to respect Human and Labor rights and committed to complying with all laws and regulations.

All TTI members, including employees, officers and directors across different business units, are expected to fully adhere to our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct, which establishes the rules and guidelines for conducting business ethically and in compliance with all applicable legal requirements.

Equal Employment Opportunities

TTI is committed to promoting and maintaining working environments that respect the personal rights and dignity of our employees. We provide equal employment opportunities for all qualified persons, without regard to race, national origin, gender or gender identity, sexual orientation, pregnancy, age, religion, military service, status as an individual with a disability or status as a veteran or any other status protected by applicable local, state or national law. We believe that all individuals should be treated with dignity and respect.

Benefits and Work Environment

Our commitment to employees also includes providing fair and equitable benefits to all qualified persons. In addition to the legally required or standard benefits each full-time employee is eligible to receive, TTI continually looks to offer competitive and relevant benefits to our employees.

Occupational Health and Safety

TTI is committed to providing employees with safe working conditions. We remain focused on continually enhancing occupational health and safety (OHS) training and actively tracking our OHS performance metrics. Any safety issues or violations of regulatory requirements are addressed promptly to prevent the risk of injury. 

Measures have been taken to identify, eliminate and reduce hazards wherever possible through the implementation of management systems to meet and comply with our Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) and Occupational Hazard Management Policies, as well as other internal policies and local regulations.

Training and Development

TTI is committed to providing training and development opportunities to all employees at all locations where we operate. Business units develop training plans that meet the needs of their employees and the business. 

Learn TTI is an online training platform that offers a vast array of e-training courses for employees, ranging from mandatory courses on compliance with training and professional courses for employees at different levels of the company. A total of 908 unique courses were launched on Learn TTI in 2018. Globally, TTI employees engaged in 142,642 courses through Learn TTI, equivalent to 57,963 training hours.