Supply Chain Management

As our suppliers are integral to the quality of our products and our overall success, we pay close attention to their ESG practices. We engage with our suppliers to ensure that ESG policies are respected and that ESG practices are implemented across our supply chain. This includes a commitment to security and social responsibility, complying with all applicable laws and regulations and minimizing environmental impact through pollution prevention and resource efficiency. 

The TTI Social & Environmental Responsibility (SER) Compliance Program focuses on the active management and compliance of all TTI suppliers around the globe. 

These compliance requirements are formulated in codes and policies that form part of the engagement terms and agreements with our suppliers.

Our key goals include:

1. Effective partnerships with NGOs in major countries of operations and supply chain countries with human rights violation risk

2. Substantive initiatives to raise awareness and improve human rights conditions and reduce environmental impact in the supply chain

3. Zero incidents of non-compliance with TTI’s Policies and Codes with transparency in reporting and remediation when necessary, including incidents of child and forced labor

Engaging with Suppliers on ESG

We uphold high standards for human and labor rights at TTI, not only in our own operations but within our supply chain.

We also understand the potential risk of modern slavery to our business and we are committed to ensure that our business is free from it.

TTI engages with its suppliers around the world to improve the transparency of our supply chain and the efficiency of our data collection process. The online Compliance Platform is implemented across our global operations, allowing our business units to request supplier information, and enable suppliers to access training materials and acknowledge their acceptance of key compliance requirements online, including but not limited to:

  • Business Partner Code of Conduct/Anti-corruption Declaration/ Conflict of Interest Declaration
  • Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery Policy and questionnaire
  • SER questionnaires
  • Conflict Minerals Policy and Conflict Minerals Reporting Template(CMRT)

To actively encourage our suppliers to support our commitment to compliance and improving performance, they have access to our third-party operated, TTI Compliance Hotline.

Suppliers Auditing

All of our suppliers undergo SER and quality management system audits on a regular basis. The SER audits are conducted by TTI’s SER teams or external auditors. New suppliers are also required to complete a screening and audit process before engagement. The engagement of suppliers is conditional to them having SER policies and practices that are acceptable and in line with our own policies.

Customer Responsibility

With millions of products sold in 2018, customer satisfaction and the safety of our products, including those that are designed, manufactured, distributed or licensed by TTI, are of the highest priority.

  • Product Safety & Product Recalls. We comply with all applicable laws and regulations for the markets where our products are sold.  We also meet or exceed all applicable and voluntary industry standards and strive to meet reasonable consumer expectations for safety.  We have a rigorous quality assurance process in place, including quality control of incoming materials, in-process quality control, and inspection and reliability testing of our outgoing products.

  • Intellectual Property Rights. Our intellectual property is one of TTI’s most valuable assets and we have procedures and policies in place for proper use and protection from infringement by others. TTI’s intellectual property portfolio includes logos, patents, trademarks, copyrights, and computer software. We encourage and support our employees’ inventions, discoveries, ideas, concepts, written material or trade secrets and cooperate in the documentation of ownership of such intellectual property. As a responsible business, we respect the intellectual property rights of others and communicate and train our employees to not use patented, trademarked, copyrighted or otherwise protected intellectual property without express permission.

  • Customer Data Protection. We collect customers’ data through different means and we ensure that our customers’ data is protected according to relevant legal requirements. In 2018, TTI became compliant under Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation. All of our computer systems are protected by authorization management processes and monitored by our IT department. TTI has in place over ten different security policies.