TTI Joins Hands With African Parks to Support Local Communities

TTI donated 2,075 power tools valued at US$68,500 to 15 protected areas managed by African Parks, a non-profit conservation organization. The donation supports infrastructure development and park maintenance as well as employment for local communities in surrounding areas. TTI’s tool donation helps African Parks more effectively address its core mission of protecting biodiversity and supporting local communities by building a constituency for conservation. This results in a range of social and economic benefits for the community and reinforces long-term support for the parks. African Parks builds schools, supports teachers and students and provides healthcare and jobs for the local community. These conservation efforts also have a ripple effect by creating ecologically functioning ecosystems that act as large carbon sinks to absorb GHG emissions in the atmosphere. Through our partnership with African Parks, we hope to play a part in supporting vulnerable communities and sustaining the long-term protection of the environment and its critical biodiversity.