TTI’s ESG Approach and Strategic Framework

Instilling ESG best practices along our value chain drives TTI’s approach to sustainability in the way we operate, what we produce, how we source and the way we live. Sustainability is at the core of our business today and is the bedrock for both the development of our business and creating shared value for all our stakeholders’ future prosperity. Our strategic framework for ESG is based on engagement with our stakeholders to learn what is important to them, their needs and key concerns. Their feedback helps TTI conduct a comprehensive assessment process which allows us to identify our material topics that impact the sustainability of our value chain and business overall.

We understand that our actions are not only of significant importance to the future of our business, but also address collective, global concerns to make a true difference by aligning with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs). We are committed to implementing more initiatives, including setting environmental targets to address our climate impact and enhancing our overall sustainability practices. Accountability and transparency will drive the success of these goals and our vision for ESG.

Our focus areas of Governance, Environment, Social and Community and Supply Chain Management cover each of our material topics and the related initiatives and goals in depth, demonstrating how our four strategic drivers, Powerful Brands, Innovative Products, Exceptional People and Operational Excellence, guide our business in strengthening our sustainability performance.