Financial Highlights
  • Record Sales
  • Record Profits
  • Record Free Cash Flow
  • Sales grew 11.6% to a record USD4.3 billion
  • Gross profit expanded 14.2% with a record margin of 34.2%
  • Net profit increased to USD250 million, growing 24.5%
  • Another strong year delivering free cash flow of USD332 million
  • Working capital improved to 13.9% of sales
  • Gearing improved and was lowered from 25.8% to 10.6%
2013 USDm 2012 USDm Changes
Turnover 4,300 3,852 +11.6%
Gross profit margin 34.2% 33.5% +70 bpt
EBIT 304 260 +16.9%
Profit attributable to Owners of the Company 250 201 +24.5%
Basic earnings per share (US cents) 13.68 11.42 +19.8%
Dividend per share (approx. US cents) 3.06 2.25 +35.7%
Turnover USDm
Gross Profit Margin %
Gross Profit Margin
Basic Earnings per Share US cents
Basic Earnings per Share
Sales by Business
Sales by Business
Sales by Location
Sales by Location
Turnover from Customers
North America USDm
Turnover from American Customers
Europe USDm
Turnover from American European Customers
Rest of the World USDm
Turnover from rest of the world Customers
Profit USDm
Free Cash Flow USDm
Free Cash Flow
Working Capital as % of sales %
Working Capital as % of sales
Gearing Ratio %
Gearing Ratio