Responsibly managing our environmental impact is always a priority to TTI, not only in the manufacturing process but throughout the life cycle of our products and across our value chain. Our goal is to minimize negative environmental impact and provide industry leadership through responsible sourcing, manufacturing, research and development, attention to how people interact with our products, and establishing systems for battery recycling.

We have set our environmental goals in line with seven of the seventeen United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

TTI’s Engagements

  • Environmental policies
  • Energy reduction initiatives in manufacturing plants
  • Water reuse initiatives in manufacturing plants
  • Battery recycling programs to reduce electronic waste
  • Introducing energy-efficient vehicles
  • Improving packaging to reduce material consumption and environmental impact
  • Environmental policies for suppliers to ensure compliance throughout the supply chain

Our Key Goals

  • Reduction in GHG emissions
  • Reduction in energy consumption and adoption of renewable energy
  • Increase the volume of battery collection and recycling
  • Require suppliers to collect environmental data
  • Reduction in GHG emissions in our supply chain
  • Reduction in water consumption at TTI’s operations and in our supply chain
  • Reduction in packaging material at TTI’s operations and in our supply chain
  • Substantive initiatives to raise awareness and reduce environmental impact in our supply chain