TTI’s governance strategy is implemented through codes and policies that set requirements and emphasize accountability and responsibility to maintain Operational Excellence throughout our business.

Our performance is continually evaluated by a number of mechanisms including an independent compliance hotline, internal audit investigations and ongoing compliance monitoring to ensure that our processes of disclosure and transparency are effectively maintained.

We have set our governance goals in line with two of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Key Goals

  • Zero incidents of non-compliance with TTI’s Policies and Codes with transparency in reporting and remediation when necessary
    • Protect and enforce TTI’s IP rights
    • Compliance with new regulations, GDPR, preparation for compliance with the California Consumer Privacy Act as of January 1, 2020
    • Minimize any risk of business disruption
    • No breaches or incidents
  • Zero cases of corruption among TTI Group and its business partners
  • Establish strategic partnerships with industry partners and NGOs

Progress in 2019

  • 90% of training completed on COC on e-learning platforms and additional face to face training, with close to 100% of employees trained
  • 2,888 take downs by Milwaukee only in 2019
  • One enforcement action settled
  • One data privacy incident with no loss of personal information or customer data
  • Customized the IT process for structured and unstructured data (EMEA)
  • No public corruption cases
  • 22 separate complaints received through either the compliance hotline or management
  • 100% of complaints have been addressed in a timely manner
  • Ongoing membership partnerships
  • Engaged GRI to become a member in January 2020
  • RMI membership in November 2019