Strategic Drivers

Powerful Brands Our brands are sold around the world. They have become powerful global brands because they not only meet our customers’ needs; they work day in and day out. In short, they are dependable! In addition, we have outpaced our competitors in product innovations that have delivered increased market share and customer satisfaction.
Innovative Products Our product innovation is a result of continuous interaction with our customers and end-users. This on-the-job and in-the-home involvement produces the insights that create trend-setting ideas and products. The result is increased market share and higher customer satisfaction.
Exceptional People The foundation of an organization is its people. At TTI, we invest heavily in developing current and future leaders through aggressive recruitment, training and recognition programs. Strong, effective leadership keeps our company strategically focused on facing the often unpredictable market forces.
Operational Excellence Execution is the other side of the innovation coin. Without it, ideas remain ideas. At TTI, we are passionate about being the very best in every aspect of our operation. We closely examine every detail from design engineering to supply chain logistics in order to eliminate waste and improve productivity. Our operational teams have driven scalability utilizing our resources at a global level.

The RYOBI® ONE+ System® is a unique tool range in which one battery and charger can be used with over 50 power tools and outdoor products. All products are powered by either Ni Cad or Lithium ion 18-volt batteries which are interchangeable, removing the added expense of buying batteries and chargers with every tool purchased.

The ONE+ System® gives end-users unbeatable flexibility to build their collection of power tools and outdoor products individually or in great combinations when they want and as they need them, making it the clever way to buy power tools. The system continually adds new end-users and has a loyal following of end-users who keep coming back for the latest ONE+ System® product offerings.

The ONE+ System® has achieved an unbeatable following, making RYOBI® a leader in the consumer power tools segment and one of the fastest growing consumer power tool brands worldwide.

MILWAUKEE® continues to revolutionize cordless power tools with the introduction of M18 FUEL™ – an exclusive line of extreme-performance cordless power tools designed to deliver unmatched productivity. As a leader in cordless tool development, MILWAUKEE® has integrated three ground-breaking technologies: POWERSTATE™ brushless motor, REDLITHIUM™ battery technology, and REDLINK PLUS™ Intelligence, to provide a new class in durability, run-time and performance for the professional tradesman.

The new POWERSTATE™ brushless motor works harder and lives longer than all leading competitors, and will deliver years of maintenance-free performance. MILWAUKEE® REDLITHIUM™ batteries provide significantly more run-time, power and recharges than any other lithium products on the market. REDLITHIUM™ batteries operate cooler and perform in climates as low as 0°F/-18°C with fade free power. REDLINK PLUS™ Intelligence hardware and software is the world’s most advanced system of cordless power tool electronics that maximize performance and integrates a full-circle communication between tool, battery and charger, and constantly monitors this internal network to maintain ideal conditions.

Team TTI begins with dedicated and well trained employees meeting with consumers and professional users on a daily basis. We visit retail locations to interact with the customer as they are in the decision making process to assist them with product knowledge and demonstrations, plus ideas for solving their projects efficiently. This, of course, is the ideal time to ask questions about performance, what they like, what they don’t like and, most important, what they would like to see in new products or features.

This type of interaction and input is invaluable since the customer will often describe what they want to do which provides the inspiration our Team TTI uses to create an innovative solution for that desire. This is what helps us win in the market. We are very good listeners. And with over 400 Team TTI staff, we do a lot of listening providing one-to-one customer contact in all global markets. We are learning and sharing to make our customer’s lives better.

Our standing goal of Operational Excellence is a never ending process. The opportunities for improving efficiencies and achieving higher standards are available throughout the organization. This is why we invest in processes that help identify even the smallest advancement, whether it is in manufacturing or billing procedures, because a thousand small steps lead to significant companywide improvement.

We are proud of the achievements we have made in scalability, technology breakthroughs, talent growth and worldwide procedures that have helped to eliminate waste while improving speed-to-market innovations. Our focus on raising the bar on our operational performance will never stop.

Reliable Performance

We are proud that our organization has consistently improved performance in all areas year after year. Revenue, gross margins, cost reductions, innovations and geographic expansion, to name a few, have all exhibited growth even in a challenging market environment. We attribute this success to our dedication and focus to the strategic efforts we have made to defining the core drivers that propel our business. Exceptional People creating Innovative Products and delivering Operational Excellence grow Powerful Brands. This synergy, based around meeting the needs of consumer and professional users is the fuel behind TTI’s dependable performance.